Perfect Circle DJ Crew, on Mixcloud!


The Perfect Circle NGO has started a music and DJ education program, in its early stages as early as the year 2000. Today, it offers a wide ranging music program of various styles befitting the particular time of day, or audience, and also equipment, lighting, decoration and ideas and the actualization of the performance.

Perfect Circle DJ crews sets can be found on the mix site Mixcloud, where there are various genres and forms of music mixes, which can be divided into:

  1. “WINE ROOM”– jazzy-soul-chill music………. befitting an easy morning mood, late afternoon chill sessions, early morning coffee drinkers.
  2. “VINTAGE” – funk-soul-jazzy-break beat….. as a warm-up or intro to the evening/early night performances in clubs or festival settings.
  3. “DEEP SENSATION”– deep-vocal-afro-house……. late afternoon drives, Summer music.
  4. “DEEP EMOTIONS”– progressive, min, tech, techno, deep-downbeat……. late night performance.
  5. “CLASIC COLECT”– EDM classics from StudioFBA selection, in memory of days past.
  6. “SEXES IN THE HOUSE”– House, progressive house…… Party Clubbing music and 100% house.
  7. “MIROR”– Vocal, Deep House music, downbeat…….. Party, Clubbing, Day & Night house music.
  8. “ARCHIVES”– Music archive, and vynil record-plays.

We invite you to listen to and witness the quality of our mixes, and provide us feedback if you are interested or if you follow on this invite to someone else who will enjoy it!

Contact at: , Phone number (CRO): +385913773771