Youth hip-hop camp

As in the past 5 years, Perfect Circle will participate in the organization and events of the Youth Hip-Hop Camp on the Croatian coast at Šibenik!



Our mission is to gather together youth from various countries involved in breaking with the goal for them to meet each other and connect. This camp is a fantastic chance for those youth who would not usually get the opportunity to have a low cost summer vacation in Croatia where they can meet, socialize, exchange ideas and experience with each other. This is how we would like to support them in their development in breaking and in life.


This camp is in the middle of big touristic complex which is 5 minutes from the sea. All the participants will be mingled among a lot of tourists and in the middle of complex full of various places for different activities and tourist attractions. We have our own infrastructure for practice and knowledge sharing based on the Hip Hop culture, and there are many other ways to spend the time and have fun. For detailed information about activities check activities section of the website.


We have our own kitchen in the camp where we serve breakfast and late dinner. In order that our living conditions are presentable and clean, every day we will appoint a team consisting of a few people to ensure that the living quarters are kept to a high standard (wash dishes, clean tables, etc.). In this way we learn how to live together and teach youth how to self-organize.

For more information, including accommodation and activities, please visit this page.