Perfect Circle NGO -Zagreb- area for cultures and the arts

The youths of the Perfect Circle NGO used their time in quarantine and isolation to work on educational programs, involving the use of tools, carpentry and small construction. In the center of Zagreb, next to the river Sava, Trnjanska Cesta 111 (address) there is a new garden space open for daily and nightly events relating to cultural and artistic gatherings and presentations.

This space is available to all proactive, members, NGOs and clubs working with the Perfect Circle NGO.

With a wide ranging palette of unique and one of a kind pieces, an inventory made from palettes, of an old mill. We have also made available a bar with refrigerators attached, a barbecue, baking oven, DJ-ing equipment, speaker setup, lighting and restroom.

The Perfect Circle NGO succeeds in getting up to 10,000 HRK (around 1,320 Euros) annually from government institutions, which unfortunately does not come to be enough compared to our annual work expenses and fees of maintenance, which surpass high over 300,000 HRK (around 39,620 Euros).

It’s because of that, we have decided to lean on our own labor and the support given to us by partners of the Perfect Circle NGO.

The creation of the furniture and the education to learn to work with these tools happens in two separate locations: the headquarters of the NGO in Trnje, Zagreb and Veliki Gorenec-Bednja locations. There, we have started the construction of a living space for youth excursions, which will include: a pub and kitchen, for the purposes of the practical cooking of local cuisine, bedrooms large enough for 30, multi-purpose gym quarters, music studio, for archery, cycling, hiking, survival classes, gardening and horticulture, computer programming, construction and so on.

For now, the living capacity of the NGO’s space in V. Gorenec is able to fit up to 6 people at once, and the programs that they are able to run right now are: nature walks, workshops, archery, horticulture, cuisine and the DJ education program.

The same inventory from this area of the NGO is available for lease befitting an adequate donation for outdoors events, festivals and funfairs.

For all questions you may e-mail us at:… 00385 91 3773771 Aleksandra Matijević – programs manager, Vice President of Perfect Circle NGO.