Humanitarian Activity – Easter 2023

As with every year, this year we start with settling the needs of the poorest families and individuals.

We’re a Humanitarian NGO that helps with children, youths and socioeconomically challenged families and we care for needier families all year in a 7 municipality region.

Due to the extremely difficult circumstances of general poverty following a massive increase in the costs of living, there has been a major increase in the amount of families we take under our care.

In progress is our project to assemble various packages of food and toiletries for the Easter season for 120 families in the region of 7 municipalities and we kindly ask you for your support.

Estimated costs for this activity are around 14,000 Euros and every bit of help is more than welcome.

We’re addressing you this way with a humble request of financial support for our humanitarian activity in any amount according to your capability.

All proceeds collected from this activity will be used exclusively for humanitarian purposes.

For all questions, we’re available at: mob. +385 91 3773771 Aleksandra Matijević, Vice President of the NGO.