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When everyone works together – Humanitarian Activity

The Perfect Circle NGO has been helping those who need it most since 2014. One of the first bigger humanitarian activities was sending aid to flooded Gunja working together with MCs and donors, successfully delivering clothes and supplies to the affected region within 48 hours. Since then, and all these years the NGO has continued, with the help of their partners and collaborators to deliver clothing and supplies to various regions across Croatia in need. What we consider to be crucial to our work as a humanitarian NGO is transparency: it is always clear to whom, and how, we are delivering aid, who receives those crucial supplies and clothing. The Perfect Circle NGO has been praised by many clubs, agencies, organizations, institutions and collaborators specifically for its selfless service to Croatia’s communities and its transparency in doing so.

Considering we’ve provided aid in the region of Sisak-Moslavina County for years, together, with our two business friends and partners of teh NGO which have bought the necessary building materials and provided manpower and machinery, we have begun the activity of renovating a family’s home in the city of Glina which was hit by the earthquakes. With the aforementioned resources, we have successfully gathered, selected and sent three large bundles of clothing, non-perishable foods as well as hygienic and cleaning supplies. There are individual volunteers from the region also working to assist those in the region who have been neglected for any possible reason. Because of those volunteers, every Sunday at the headquarters of the Perfect Circle NGO in Trnjanska Cesta 111, Zagreb, to those individuals and volunteers that go out of their way to help others in affected regions we will prepare packages of supplies and necessities according to their community’s needs.

Through the winter charity action of gathering funds for the organization’s work, we have successfully gathered 15,200 HRK and 392 Euros (a total of €2404.16 euros)…. The resources have been used for partial maintenance and servicing of our van, new tires, travel and other expenses from delivering supplies, packing materials for said supplies (duct tape, boxes and and disposable nylon and platisc bags). We thank all of those who have assisted the NGO with their donations, regardless of its size. Feel free to contact us if you wish to be hosted or provided full room and board at the NGO’s excursion site… With your donations and contributions to the NGO you receive Honorary member status as of 2021. The names of donors and collaborators will stay anonymous.

Big respect, Love & Peace.
Contacts: studiofba@usa.com

Aleksandra Matijević, VP of the humanitarian NGO Perfect Circle