Record of Annual Assembly Meeting, Perfect Circle NGO (Annual report 2021)

The annual meeting of the NGO “Perfect Circle” assembly was held on 07.11.2021. at the seats of Trnjanska Cesta 111, Zagreb at 5 PM. There were 8 active members of the NGO present at the assembly, which was led by the head of the organization Renato Milovan. Aleksanda Ž. Matijević kept record of the meeting. After introductions, the head of the assembly presented future and current plans and changes as follows:

The organization’s executives unanimously declared the following changes:

Aside from holding the annual assembly meeting, an electoral assembly is also being held and:

For president of the NGO:

Ivan Voras (Vukovar),

For Vice-President of the NGO:

Dragan Ilic (Velika Ludina) and Aleksandra Ž. Matijević (Zagreb)

For secretary:

Milisav Katrasnik (Pula)

Managers of Maintenance, Construction and Installation:

Davor Martinez (Zagreb) and Renato Milovan (Bednja)

  1. The charitable event “OBUCI 2021” which helped those who need it most with clothing, food and furniture and equipment. They lasted all throughout 2021 and happened in the regions of Vukovar-Srijem, Sisak-Moslavina, Istria, Zagreb, City of Zagreb and Krapina-Zagorje county.
  2. The importance of constructing the excursion site “Bajka” in Veliki Gorenec has increased this year with many good, honest people taking part. This program covers fall, winter and spring gatherings and activities like hiking, archery, shooting, cooking traditional dishes and scavenging mushrooms to reconnect the youth with nature and a more traditional way of life.
  3. The organization’s yard was accessible all summer featuring various programs for associates and youth of the organization. During the spring-summer seasons, we’ve successfully held several programs: exhibits, pallet furniture workshops, DJ-education programs, gatherings and various group activities.
  4. With the efforts of management and our associates, 2021 has been shaping up to be a very successful year:
    • We’ve expanded our organization an additional 3000m2 with a 100-year-old home on the organization’s land to be used in cultivation
    • successfully acquired a 6 year old Mercedes Vito
    • successfully acquired a large amount of wooden construction, finish, stones and materials
    • successfully acquired firewood and wood construction materials
  5. We’ve been busy on the excursion site all summer with:
    • Breeding german Shepherds and laying hens
    • Constructing a stone path from the kitchen to the pub
    • Constructed two enclosures and an office space in the second house and renovating it
    • Three open air enclosures, refurbishing the country kitchen and pub
    • Completely refurbished the guest room (insulation, floorboards, beds made from refurbished old wooden beams)
    • Completely refurbished the living room (floorboards, walls, antique furniture)
    • Created an indoor workshop for refurbishing wooden construction during the winter season
    • Launched a dog hostel and training program

Plan for 2022:

  • Launching animal breeding
  • Constructing an awning
  • Refurbishing the old house
  • Making furnishings from old refurbished materials
  • Refurbishing old furniture of the organization

The NGO has successfully scoped out and planned further plan of action without a single unwell or absent activist, member or associate from 2019 until 2021.

This record of the annual assembly of the Perfect Circle NGO has been unanimously approved.